Reviews for "Cyber Hell 4: Master Beta"

type CMB on the bender scene to start hell mode

I Defeat Megaman!!!! :D

I beat the game. I had fun and my left arm got a good workout from trying to press the 'a' button as fast as possible. Yes, Mega Man was tough as nails, but he wasn't unbeatable. I wasn't sure if I was going to beat him on 'hell mode', but I did and it didn't take me as many tries as it did the first time around because I knew what to do.

I also liked having to balance my focus between shooting as fast as possible and dodging attacks, but I could see people complaining about this. Maybe having an option to have a fully automatic weapon is in order.

I also liked how the enemies attacks are randomized- it really keeps you on your toes. However, my only complaint with the game is the element of chance might cause the enemy to jump on your head and you don't have enough time to see it coming and get out of the way. My suggestions are to either either include an arrow that shows you where in the air the enemy is or to implement a dodge move.

Good job guys. Thanks for sharing this game with us.

I cant get passed 6

Megamn to hard :(