Reviews for "Cyber Hell 4: Master Beta"

I think soundtrack use Sky Fortress by Waterflame will better

New Game: Madness Adventure
Bosses: RoBoJesus, The BEAST, The Code Master, Demon Tricky And MAG Agent
Enemies: Grunts, Agent, Weapon, Jesus, Tricky And Sheriff
Final Boss: The Auditor
Player: Hank J. Wimbleton

Very good game, but this Megaman is unbeatable. Everytime when i look to the right, he is at the left, and when i look to the left, he is on the right. But, the game is great.

who can help me ?im stucked at that grey megaman :(

Yes! I beat the game, and beat hell mode! I love your games, they always give me a challenge and help me practice my reflex skills!