Reviews for "Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008"

Really great characters, sounds, plot, humour, animation. Bloody brilliant.

when tht mouse troop finished her song i lost it..plz make more

That was awesome, I couldn't stop laughing and the art and voice acting was just amazing

i like the voice of the lizard i don't know what genre is

Really really good job, both the main characters just ooze likeable personality. You can tell what each is like in their voice, action, and even the way they move. I also like how this little world has a lot of "Southern" and South American influences (Chalchiutlique, Chalchiuhtlicue; I thought that sounded familiar.) Also I really liked Calamity's lines about how only crazy people pay attention and Wrip's plan being a "poorly constructed tapestry of lies."
My only complaints are that the town could stand to be sharpened up a bit and the voices could definitely be a bit louder.

Now I'm a bit interested in what's going on. Why are the mouse guys stealing food from Hatfield so that the City of McCoy "mows it down?"