Reviews for "Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008"

Amazing animation and artwork!

I love this. Brilliant job. I'm hoping for a sequel.

some what reminded me of breah bear and breah rabbit. an old and BANDED disney movie.

The animation was good. The voice acting was okay most of the time and then good at different points. The dialogue seems very broken up and not very fluent at all. Which makes the character seem like they have some kind of bipolar tone of voice.

This... was actually pretty good. My only problem, (and I'm fairly certain it's mostly my only problem with any animation) is the voices. The art was great, really good at the end, the story itself was clever yet paced just a little too fast in places, dialogue was sharp and pretty witty particularly for the lizard woman. But the voices were really weird for me. There were points where they seemed PERFECT for the scene, and in others they seemed so off it threw me out of the show. Overall though, it was pretty good.