Reviews for "Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008"

I give this a 6/5! You accomplished a goal (well, I might add) of telling a very interesting story, with many possible sequels, which is something I haven't seen in awhile. Good job! :D

Wow! Great work!!

This is an amazing world you created miss!

The lore is greatly expressed. I can just see how cool this would look if it was 3D animated Pixar style.

Though I am just stepping into a world in just 'snip-ets' I still feel like this place is alive and real.

Somewhere in the Universe, exists this world. And Warlord-of-Noodles is indirectly creating the events that are taking place.

I really do like this, for once we are hearing a southern belle accent rather than an obviously practiced neutral accent. The art style is great, reminds me of those old cartoons, not too sharp and clear, but a little blotchy to give it a natural feel

5/5 Stars for this =)

PS. Keep up the good work!

the king say
incredible as always. Your work makes me laugh and shows how talented you are. your writing and animation skills are simply top notch!
your friend and fan,
KingMaX777 :)