Reviews for "Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008"

Wasn't sure what to expect here. But what did spew forth left me with furrows on my brow, an unflattering expression on my face and other emotions that were weird and deeply confusing... and I LIKED it! It also left me with a powerful lust for Rice Chex. Kudos on the animation as a whole. I've always admired simp- oooooooh I'm getting some Rice Chex!!!

Cute. I like the animation style you have going here. Though half the time I couldn't figure out what stereotype Calamity was trying to fulfill in terms of accent. XD

These animations are great, I also love the music in them.

Everything was pretty well done here. I like the idea and hope to see a sequel of some sort. You mentioned in the description that the bandits werent going to dehydrate... What happens after they start 'relieving' themselves in the water?

Oh btw its like 3 weeks for a human to starve to death, and only 3 days without water.


it's different
that's what makes this awesome