Reviews for "Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008"

Thank you.

Love the characters and the animation. I like how each of them has a different way of moving around that goes with their animal and personality. I always find your videos either heart-wrenching beautiful or hilarious. This one has both. Calamity singing always gives me chills. Great work with tons of creativity!

Let me just say, I love EVERYTHING about Calamity <3
With that out of the way ^^ I must also say, it's kinda odd yet interesting that you made this story mirror the myth of the Otter and Rabbit, but then name it after the children's story of Bunny Foo-Foo, and even add elements of that as well... Either way ^^ Love Calamity's attitude, accent, look, personality, and especially her mystical magical song. If there were a series with more of her, or her singing, I'd tune in and follow, no question. ^^ Kudos, and this deserves every 5 it gets~

Cute bunny!

"Give me back my fish!"