Reviews for "Weedman"

omgf dragon stole your marijuana

This game is not bad :]

pokemon7777 responds:


MY RATE: level of difficulty: HARD, Graphics: Heh weak, Gameplay: Good. FINAL RATE: Hard platformer game with small quality graphics. STARS: 4,0

pokemon7777 responds:

lol thanks.

Yeah, yeah, that's my 5 stars biased review as the developer:
hey, we have evidence of players still willing to endure 15 min of our game, when it runs at 5 fps! Where else can you find a game like that? ;-D
check out this guy: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /621157/show/usergenerated/group/782/

OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!! I like it a lot :D

pokemon7777 responds:

Thanks bro!