Reviews for "TheFatRat - Infinite Power"

I think that this is a good song, but the beginning could have been better. I noticed that you use a lot of like voice mixed with synthesizers in songs, but not every song needs that in my opinion. Also, I would have given a higher star rating, but compared to your other songs, this isn't as good. The tune is sort of catchy though. I hope you keep making songs.

Your other songs are much better but its still okay.

How could this song be 'this year's best'?
Your other songs are much better.

Your Songs Are So Good Mate
What Software Do You Is
Also Tell Me If You Paid
(Cuz I Cant Pay)

Okay, I think I found a song I don't like that much. Still, I'll give this an extra .5 because on your YouTube, this was before you got really really good.