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Reviews for "Flixel-Tutorial #2"

This is a great tutorial, the best one I have been able to find. Thank you so much for making these tutorials. =)

Schulles responds:

Glad you like it. :)

Great tutorial, thanks for second part :)

Man im learning by 0 flixel with you. im very thankful.

Isn't there a form of making the graphic tiles and players directly on flash?

also i need to know how to make menues and stuff but...great work

This is the coolest game ever

Umm This is a really good tutorial but i need help with chapter 2 in the first tutorial where its like change filename and stuff im stuck there help me plz

Schulles responds:

Well, you're supposed to copy the line and in this line you will find a filename like 'background.png' and you have to change it to another name, I think it was 'player.png'. And then you also change ImgBackground to ImgPlayer or whatever it was in that new line. :)