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Reviews for "Flixel-Tutorial #2"

People who vote this down should be thrown off a building. These tutorials are amazing.

Schulles responds:

Haha, no I am not that cruel, but thank you!

People are seriously down-voting a tutorial? This takes skills and patience and it's helpful, we NEED this. I've been curious to fiddle with this, so when I have more time in the next week or two I may fiddle with it, I'll let you know.

Thanks again for having me, it's an honor, I think I like the music I made for this better than the last tutorial, it's more soothing and I really liked your idea with the direction of it :). Overall nice job with this tutorial though. Now the question is, is there anymore to add?

Schulles responds:

Thanks a lot! :) It is always great to have you in, and I agree the music is even better! No one knows...

Great tutorial, hopefully work like this sparks a renaissance of game creation :)

Schulles responds:

Would love to see that!

Hey. I'm a regular user of flixel already, and i saw your other tutorial. I was going to say, for the master diffuculty, you should teach much more complicated things like enemy Ai's or things that are great, but hardly anyone uses them. Maybe for #3!

Anyway, still a great tutorial!

it really needs a menu to navigate the chapters, other than that it is great.

Schulles responds:

There is! Press 'C'!