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Reviews for "Flixel-Tutorial #2"

I'm finished tutorial but I only have Chapter I-IV medals.

It really covers all the basics of a platformer, this set of a tutorial. Step by step. At a learnable pace, and with source code forever available in the dump too (well, as long as the game is). I can't seem to open the Skill menu at all in this one though, pressing S like a madman and nothing happens... though Chapters work fine? Well, even with unadjustable skill it was great, will definitely get back to these two if/whenever I do decide to make a serious platforming effort. Good learning.


This tutorial series was great. It really opened my eyes to ac3 as well as the easy to use nature of Flixel and the Newgrounds API.

Because of you, I am one step closer to achieving my dream of making video games.

Although there were some spelling errors in this 2nd tutorial, I couldn't notice any in the 1st tutorial. (That's why it isn't perfect... Get rid of the spelling errors and it'll be 5 stars :) )

I've had some bugs with the code, but either Copying and Pasting the code or re-importing the materials worked out ok.

Thanks for making this.

Schulles responds:

Nice! I am glad you enjoyed it and it helped you. Please show me your games when they are done!

Maybe it's been a while since you last checked this comment section, But I wanted to say: Thank you. You put me in what I think is the right track of indie game developing. I've already published a game here in NG and I'm in progress of another one. I've used a lot what I learned with this 2 courses and I still think of them as the best flixel introduction courses I've found. They're simple enough, and great for begginners and experienced programmers alike. Once again, thank you.

Where can I download source code?