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Reviews for "Crash Does A Thing"

Always this damn perfectionism XD ...

For some reason, I am reminded of Mario's Castle Calamity when I watch this.

very nice animation although i laways hated crash
so retarded game and retarded character

Whenever someone "does a thing", it never fails to impress, and most certainly exceeds all expectations. Much like all of the previous "Does A Thing" animations, the animation and script was superb, truly astounding. The greatest part however, is the overwhelming nostalgia rush that is experienced from watching this. As with many of the other previous reviewers, I too remember the days of playing Crash Bandicoot on the Sony PlayStation, and being able to rekindle those memories with approximately 2 minutes is definitely a feat to behold. As always, keep up the fantastic work!

Crash Bandicoot was the greatest video game character ever conceived in the nineties next to Banjo Kazooie. I REALLY liked this short as it took me back to the days where my OCD was still developing, thanks for bringing me back, it's a shame that Naughty Dog no longer has anything to do with this great character. And did i see Luigi run him over during the video? lol