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Reviews for "Crash Does A Thing"

I wish banjo and kazooie do their thing.

Wow great animation! This is so original, theres almost none of animation about crash.I love the animation and the style this has. I love the death montage.Keep up the good work!

Loved that game, hated the crates - nice animation! :D

Nice shit man! it would of been funnier if it had crash of the titans characters.

An animation using a classic game that wasn't really animated much anywhere, that's great! Not just that, but most of all, I like how the humor of Crash's deaths was put into this since it was also Naughty Dog's original idea of adding that just for laughs.

This whole animation reminds me of the older days on how it's a pain that it's just one box that everyone would accidentally skip. (Most of all, the Bonus levels. *groans*)
Nowadays it's all different. Just FPS games, and Zombie games all over.

Great job on the animation :3