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Reviews for "Crash Does A Thing"

Crash Bandicoot was the greatest video game character ever conceived in the nineties next to Banjo Kazooie. I REALLY liked this short as it took me back to the days where my OCD was still developing, thanks for bringing me back, it's a shame that Naughty Dog no longer has anything to do with this great character. And did i see Luigi run him over during the video? lol

I love the animation. But, seriously, how can someone miss 37 boxes, all in one place?


Didn't make me smile really but interesting to watch.

I always loved the Crash games. One of the first games I ever bought for the PS2 was Crash 4 (really underrated BTW). I like your animation style, it's simple enough to suit the subject, but at the same time it's very well drawn. Like someone else said the deaths looked familiar and also his facial expressions suited well. Great job.

I want to get into animation soon...I hope with some time and practice I could make stuff this cool.