Reviews for "Cannibal Mac Prototype"

Simple yet brilliantly fun - and more than a little atmospheric, too.
I hope this prototype gets the further development it deserves.

For a game made in 48 hours, this is impressive. I like the Keyboard orientated controls, well the layout more like it. Sticking with a mirrored layout for the camera was a nice touch.
Traps I know could do with more detail but it's a feature that has potential. Keeping in mind it's a prototype, the features I would like to see more of are the traps as I mentioned, something added to line of site, a display of how far they can see etc, and items such as a bear trap, pipe as a weapon. you get the idea haha.

But like I said, 48 hour game, very impressive and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to see more from Cannibal Mac :)

Interesting prototype with potential. The independent camera controls were different. I would have preferred target indicators and/or a minimap in place of that. The only other issue I had was the attack/trap keys being so close to my movement controls, but that is just a personal preference.

Die Minecraft campers DIE!

very cool game