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Reviews for "Ripple Dot Zero"

^^ that is all^^
music gameplay environment and controls are top notch, i jumped right in and it was like i was playing mega man/sonic it felt natural and fun to play kudos.

The gameplay is awesome the controls are awesome the music is awesome the graphics are awesome no premium content... its like PERRFECT so yeah not much else can be said about this!!!

Awesome game
it has both Action and adventure

What can I say? First, the music... it's perfect! It's a bit like Sonic the Hedgehog, but better. The graphics are spot-on, pixel perfect. The tutorial and title level were very innovative, creative, and easy to understand. I also love the powerups and special effects. Overall, it's a wonderful game and I intend to play it a great deal more once I am done with a few chores... I LOVE IT!

How is this game free? it's amazing. .__.