Reviews for "Dex Arson - Round 2"

barely alive + terrer squat

Nice Drop at 1:40

Anyway, great work! This has became one of my favorite songs to listen to.
Keep it up!

dexarson responds:

Thanks dude :)

Really good, but sound to much like Unarmed but is cool anyways
Bye :)

The only I didn't really like was the drop. Not that's bad, but it doesn't sound that good compared to what's right before it. (Build-up like in round 1) Also, I feel like you used stuff from Unarmed (the drop) and round 1.

But otherwise, I loved it!

This song is a little disappointing to me to be honest. The beginning of the song is fantastic, I love every little bit of it. The build up was fantastic. Then the drop was a little bit of a let down from how hyped the beginning and build up were. I do really like this song however I wouldn't listen to it by itself because the drop is sort of just "eh" compared to the rest of the song. Dispite that the rest of the song is fantastic so it gets 3.5 stars.