Reviews for "Dex Arson - Round 2"

Sounds great. I really dig a lot of those samples. I've always wanted to write something like this but I have no idea what software to use for edm. Great submission.

dexarson responds:

Thanks dude glad you liked it :) As far as software goes I mean it's completely personal preference as all are capable of making great tracks. Imo though if you're using a PC I'd go with FL and for mac Ableton. Just gotta pick one and grind it out and learn the software.

Ps. the only sample I used was the vocal clip, the rest of the sounds and growls were mostly made from scratch using Massive.

Cheers man

i need a child from second drop. nice work bro :^)


This song is on use from Dex Arson by XoVak, in GD

I just have one question: Can I remix this? And teach me how to remix things?