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Reviews for "Motorjoust"

Should be called motojoust.

WingDemon responds:

Well Motorjoust was just the project name originally, but towards the middle we were like, fuck it lets make it our working title and we did! Thanks for playing!


You get a 5 for the Billymc reference alone. Otherwise it's pretty good spin on Excitebike.

WingDemon responds:

Haha we weren't sure anyone would get it, but knew those who did would love it! THanks for playing man!

this game takes awesome to another level i just love the retro style and the game itself its pretty easy but perhaps u could put in some more character's to fight and make it harder with them or make a hardcore&survival extra but all and all the game was beautiful and wish you much luck in producing more games PEACE

WingDemon responds:

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it! Rock on!


Awesome game,dude,I hope you make more games like this

Really good game but, I find the 3rd opponent (the green one) impossbile to beat.

WingDemon responds:

Yo, I'll be honest, I havn't even beaten it yet and its been years so yeah.