Reviews for "Motorjoust"

this is cool dude

WingDemon responds:

Thanks man! Glad you liked it!

best ending ever!!!!

WingDemon responds:


I suppose it was okay. There wasn't much explanation for the bars and whether or not you had enough to beat the enemy, but I eventually figured it out. I don't really understand the ending though. Did the knight turn into a woman? And what was that enemy at the end? It didn't look like he was riding a bike. Was it a robot?

WingDemon responds:

The bars were explained in the Help page, alot of people have been skipping it however.

Well the ending is a reference to the original Metroid ending where Samus is revealed to be a girl. Yes our main character was a lesbian under the armor and her and the princess rode out into the sunset together.

The last opponent was Bones, he was essentially a skeleton hiding inside a large set of magical armor that for all intents and purposes was attached to the bike (which is why only his skeleton flew away after you beat him)

Thanks for playing and congratulations on beating it!


Controls are somewhat primitive yet that makes the game real challenging

Motorjoust - Try to race me,
Sorry but you can't out pace me,
Faster than the speed of light,
You can try with all your might,
But sorry; you get a fatigue fight.

WingDemon responds:

Nice song ;) thanks foe playing man! Glad you liked it!

The only reason Excitebike! worked was because the balance was responsive. In this game, the balance is so slow that it feels like it takes the player's skill out of the game.

Good idea, but it needs a little bit of polishing.

WingDemon responds:

we had about half an hour to polish so im pretty sure we polished it as much as we could ;) Thanks for playing!