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Reviews for "Motorjoust"

Pretty good game. Love the medal titles, the red level was a pain though, way way to much going on, far to many spikes. If you ever redo the game, please make this one a priority!

WingDemon responds:

Level design would be top priority in any future sequels! We were in a crunch for time and couldn't polish them as mucha s we'd like too, sorry and thanks for playing!


i liked all of the levels level 4 was the hardest for me though lol u are a girl in armor

WingDemon responds:

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it yo!

Pretty cool little game. I thought the controls were a little bit stiff.
I do like the amount of creativity in interpreting the inspiration art. The voices are fun and the characters have good personality to them. I enjoyed the retro voice in it.

I felt the third level's design was a bit clunky and confusing. Just felt like too many things going on and hidden spikes and what not. Didnt feel as fun as some of the other ones.

WingDemon responds:

Yeah we tried our best in the time we had but we turned out to be terrible at allotting time since we left barely any for level design -.-

well next time we'll learn from our mistakes i guess. THanks for playing, Glad you lied it!

Nice game ^^

It reminds me of Excite Bike for nes

WingDemon responds:

Haha thats what we were going for! You should check out the description ;)

You get a 5 for the Billymc reference alone. Otherwise it's pretty good spin on Excitebike.

WingDemon responds:

Haha we weren't sure anyone would get it, but knew those who did would love it! THanks for playing man!