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Reviews for "Motorjoust"

That was very fun. I've never played the original excitebike but I found this very fun.
Simple, well built, just FUN.
And that ending. Cool.

WingDemon responds:

Thanks so much man!


Blown away. I couldn't believe this game when I seen it. I really figured that Knights and Motorcycles was going to be a silly parody game, but I had to review this game because it was the most fun I've had playing an online game in a very long time. Gamers of any skill level can sit down and enjoy this.

First of all, the music was great. So vivid and minimalist for what appears to be an 8-bit soundtrack. It really brought me back. Every stage has it's own thing going on, and its like the characters are talking through the music.

Second, the graphics were killer. So simplistic, barely any frames yet so unique in the way they were portrayed.

The physics worked VERY well. I don't know how the coder pulled that off, but when you learn to balance with the arrow keys, the game gets really fun! I even did flips in mid air when I changed lanes after a jump. that was so cool!

In short, this was an excellent game. I really hope that we will see sequel of some sort in the future. 5/5!

WingDemon responds:

Glad you liked it man, yeah we got Frootza on board last minute and he pulled off some wicked tracks in a short amount of time, they were pretty diverse and sweet too so he deserves all the credit he can get, it was a big part of our game. Matt had exams for half of the Jam and made that physics engine in 2 days. The team was so great on such a short amount of time, it was amazing.


I'm happy you enjoyed the music Instabean!


Thanks a lot! It's nice when people appreciate the things the coder did ;) I did some pretty tricky things with the Box2D Physics engine, and it really turned out in the end


interesting game but slow response on it sometimes i didn't think overly much of it but it had some potential.
in response to flamewolf393 you win by having your p and m bars higher than your opponent's. if you flip you lose all of it dmg reduces etc their bars remain consistent so memorize the locations of pickups and get them according to what bar you need more of

WingDemon responds:

Yeah even i had a problem with slow response when i designed the levels but we had more important bugs to fry. In the end we made ALOT of the levels easier than they were supposed to be just so it could be more playable by the end. Sorry you didn't enjoy it as much as you could have, but thanks for playing anyway man!


It's hard to recommend a game you have such little comprehension of. I really should have known that this was part of another NG game jam. I didn't understand why there wasn't any sound in it when I played it. I was thinking it was some mistake as there was sound in the cutscenes. It's hard to look for medals when you don't know what any of them are. The graphics weren't terrible, I guess.

I was just looking for something easier to understand. I didn't know how to jump or anything. I imagine you just have to go into the other lane. It's pretty unique, I suppose. I'm not much a fan of the original game.

WingDemon responds:

Well, to answer some of your questions bro, there was music. I guess it didn't work for you for some reason, try checking your flash version and sound settings. The medals are all for doing normal parts of the game so you earn them just by playing the game, we didn't want to force people into certain circumstances (like making them use the editor just to earn a medal) so we made them hidden. And the graphics were an homage to classic NES games like Excitebike and Megaman and stuff.

anyway thanks for trying it out, glad you thought it was unique.


So how do you actually win the jousts? It seems completely random to me. Poor gameplay. Obstacles do nothing, power and magic seem to do nothing. Needs a tutorial or some kind of explanation.

WingDemon responds:

I don't blame you for not 'understanding' the game. Giving players instructions was very much an afterthought, however we DID include them at the beginning of your first playthrough and on the main menu under "Help". Don't skip em next time :P


Hey Man, sorry you couldn't get the game. There's another review on here i went into a little more depth about the gameplay that you could check out if you wanted, but basically your pow/mag bars display both yours and your opponents pow/mag at the same time and you have to get higher then him in one of the categories. there's more too it, but you gotta read the instructions in the game man.