Reviews for "Motorjoust"

This is a nice retro game but maybe you could explain what is it with the (M), the (C) and the spikes, I think that you have magnitude and strength but I don't quite understand all other factors

WingDemon responds:

Firstly, thanks for playing. Heres a rundown of the mechanics. There are 3 criteria's for winning, Magic, Power and Speed. The red bar is Speed, basically you have 80 seconds to beat a level before you lose the speed bonus. The two meters are the Pow/Mag meters, they display both your current pow/mag and your opponents at the same time. You have to collect more pow or mag than your opponent has by the time you get to the Jousting part basically, since you need 2/3 powerups to win (speed, magic and power)

hope that helped clear it up!


Fun game, pretty easy. Very retro... Third boss was pretty hard

I made an account to keep my medals but I don't see them.

Should take longer to beat. More bosses would have been great or if you could unlock tricks as you play that help the game. Different obstacles too. I liked it.

WingDemon responds:

Yeah the third boss is pretty hard, I'm personally actually stuck on his level, i'll look into doing something about that. On the topic of medals, if they aren't appearing for you that's an API problem and you need to get in contact with the staff. Tom's a great guy to PM if you need help.

If we decide to make a sequel there'll def be more bosses, in the meantime try some of the user created levels.

Glad you liked it!


Blegh. The ramps demanded--and really, tolerated--no strategy, just hope you don't pay too hard for coming at them at whatever speed you were at. Also you are comparing stats so the best way to do it is to completely ignore speed and grab every single pickup along the way. Makes for an extremely boring game. If the ramps worked like they do in Excitebike, I would be down with it, but this game seems to really, really resent any attempt to try to go fast.

You, sirs, have created a Sonic the Hedgehog game--and unfortunately, it's one of the recent ones.

Also, on the point of aesthetics--low resolution does not mean low framerate. I mean this specifically in terms of the opening splashes, though screen transitions from opponent select to pre-level chat to actual gameplay are also laborious.

There's a good game to be had with this idea. You certainly didn't make that game, though.

WingDemon responds:

First off, thanks for giving it a try.

Here's some answers to the points you posed,

the ramps were designed to act with real physics rather than fake physics that all NES and most modern Flash game use - inability to jump off of them really boils down to skill, since again, its real physics; that was one of the key features in the game for level progression.

Speed is a bigger thing to win over pow/magic because you have a full 80 seconds for a level, so Speed is essentially a free powerup, and you only have to worry about power or Magic.

Low Resolutions = Lower framerate in flash, here's why, the game is made with vectors, each vector has to be redrawn by your computer. The actual game runs at 30 fps which is the same as most if not all Flash games (examples are the Fancy Pants adventures and most games on Newgrounds) we tried to make as many images as we could as .png's and spit those out with our engine, but essentially we couldn't do it for everything. In other words, the low frame rate is from your end, since other people have a fine time playing it. (yes even though this is a flash game it is slightly computer intensive, so having not having a modern computer configuration can cause frame rate issues)

And i actually liked Sonic the Hedgehog games :(

Anyway thanks again for playing, hope you enjoyed some part of it atleast :D


the scrolling hurts my eyes the bike is hard to control i can barely see whats coming and there's glitches 1/5 at best

WingDemon responds:

There's glitches? NO WAY MAN! for a game made in 2 WHOLE WEEKS i didn't think there'd be any glitches whatsoever.

just kidding. yeah, we tried our best to polish it up but apparently we missed some :( PM me a bug report if the glitches you experienced are game breaking. Thanks for the help man. We'll see what we can do about the scrolling.


That was very fun. I've never played the original excitebike but I found this very fun.
Simple, well built, just FUN.
And that ending. Cool.

WingDemon responds:

Thanks so much man!