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Reviews for "Animal Wizard"

Ah man, this turned out absolutely rad! Sweet graphics, good gameplay. Much better then I hoped someone would make out of the screenshot!
And thanks for crediting me <3

Igmon responds:

Thanks man! The concept turned out to be more complex than I anticipated! :P Mostly due to wanting to see what I can do with the physics engine. The idea worked out well and the game is playable!

not only does it look great, sound great but it also plays amazingly. And you made this in Unity. Im amazed by how you implemented a fantastic 2d tile engine in Unity without any tearing or even any hint that its actually all 3d. Really good game, 5 stars any day of the week.

0 problems with this game. Well done!

Sharp submission. I enjoyed the art and the whole feel of the game felt polished and well thought out. I found the control scheme a bit all over the place on the keyboard. I'm not sure what exactly would feel more 'comfortable' but it was a little bit of finger gymnastics. I guess that'd be my only issue with it.

I'm curious what the inspiration art looked like?

Igmon responds:

Hey thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The best way to fix the control issue would be to add user-key binding which I haven't had a chance to implement. I'll make sure to add it when I revisit this game.

Also, the screenshot came from this: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/guy-unger/animal-wizard

Game is fun
at the main menu she looks like a serial killer
A wizard who can magically use animals aid you
i couldn't play the game well cause when i try to scroll it freezes my screen making it broken and going slow
It's a good game

Igmon responds:

Hm, that's worrying, I haven't had much time to do any optimizations...Unity tends to slow down on some browsers too, notably on chrome.