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Reviews for "INVAZIA"

I like the classic feel of this game, as well as the arena-based combat and the light tower defense background mechanic. Takes much skill to make any progress here, on this island of pixels. I was not expecting as many weapons as there are, and they all take a different approach to using them properly. Overall fantastic job and keep making new challenges, maybe something that expands or grows the island so that you have more room to move around would be cool. Or a vehicle you can build.

This game is very cool

Rad game. heaps addictive.
please add:
- More varied terrain maps (high, low terrain perhaps)
- The ability to recover from falling off the edge of the map (maybe a double jump feature) instead of insta killing you as soon as you touch the edge
- the ability to move your built turrets during build mode (will make for more varied turret gameplay, heck why not add bonuses or special abilities for putting your turrets in a particular formation or something)

Love the art, music and the game play and weapon power is pretty well balanced too :)

Also this would be amazing for Iphone! Awesome time killer while you wait for whatever it is you are waiting for :)

GuyUngerNL responds:

Those are awesome ideas!
thanks man :D

awesome ,addictive , well balanced, well thought of, well implemented, praise you sir.

Beating the crap out of GhostHunter Purple Skulls is awesome! :3