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Reviews for "INVAZIA"

awesome game love how the mobs are never op or how the stuff get is op 5/5 :D

I love it.
Unique, well made, fun. Everything I want from a game.

I think this game is brilliant! I hope you continue to make games this good. __
____I _ I
I__ I
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GuyUngerNL responds:

thank you so much man!

WHY DO I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!?!?!? Seriously though, this game is amazing.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Thanks man :D
that means a lot

Fun game. I like the graphics and style. I know you said improving this game would ruin the point of the jam, but if you could just change a few things, maybe in a INVAZIA 2 or something, that would be great:
1. Make it so you actually have to fall *over* the ledge to die...it's very frustrating if when I just get close to the edge, I suddenly die.
2. Make it so that monsters can't fly around - if I can fall and die, it would make sense that they have to too, with the exception of .some sort of special ghost monster or something.
3. Maybe have a primary and secondary weapon possibility? I hate being stuck with a stupid weapon for a certain kind of monster (e.g. like when the green monsters turn red, and 6 are charging at you and you only have a boomerang...). This only came up when I was thinking it'd be nice if I can revert back to using the wrench in emergencies.
(4)...hm...what if the sheep reproduced over time? I mean, just another one pops up every once in a while if you have at least 2 sheep or something.

Half a star was taken off because of the instaneardeath when getting close to the ledge. The other star was for some balancing issues that I felt there were, as well as the potential for improving, more turrets and expanded gameplay could be interesting for a 2.0 installation.

Thank you for making this game! I like it.