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Reviews for "INVAZIA"

Cool game. I like the graphics. I like pixel; art, skylands and windmills. The totempole that goes up and down in the background is really nice. The music is quite good. Especially the song that plays during the actual gameplay. Very difficult, but that's a good thing. You get better and better by practicing. You can't tell this is only done in 2 weeks. It may become better though if you had more time to spend on it.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Thanks sourjovis :D And I love the screenshot!

I would have loved to see what you could do with more time and on PSVita (hint hint)

I love this game
it really reminds me of Pixel

The Music Is So Cool And WS Is For Web Site XD ;3

Is perfect! Well, an upgrade place will made this game boring because it's arcade, the only thing wrong with this is NOTHING!