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Reviews for "INVAZIA"

I love it.
Unique, well made, fun. Everything I want from a game.

awesome game love how the mobs are never op or how the stuff get is op 5/5 :D

The music is good, the environment is good.....
...but the controls are unresponsive. I try to move WASD around, and it doesn't work, I try to hit the touchpad to fight (since my left click isn't working anymore), but he doesn't do a thing, and he winds up getting hurt, etc.

Am I missing something? If I remember correctly I am playing the current version of this game. This really looks like it would've been a good game, but the unresponsive controls have damaged my experience.


dude it awesome!!!!!

Beating the crap out of GhostHunter Purple Skulls is awesome! :3