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Reviews for "INVAZIA"

Nice music, except for whatever that was at the start...

You get up to 50k points, then the monster come down so fast that the lag makes it so you can't jump, then you die from the monster dropping down on top of you.

5/5 I thought this was awesome.

I really wish I could play this correctly, but I can's use WASD, I use The arrow keys...

Game looks great

Holy crap is that a great game!!! My only complaint is that I wish there was some way to save my game and that there was some form of level progression. But I loved the fast, frantic gameplay, the pixelated graphics, even the sound and (especially) the music were great!

Another suggestion: I loved the risk/reward mechanic of having to jump to reach crates, but perhaps add in a bridge-building mechanic? Looking forward to your future work!!