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Reviews for "INVAZIA"

Very addictive!

I like the game and all... It´s somehow addictive, and well, i was firing the Rocket Launcher and i noticed that the weapons in the game go across the windmill, i mean, isn´t the windmill supposed to be like, something that make the bullets collide?, it´s weird like if the bullets are always shooted to the windows go to the other window, just saying...

It's replayability is of the highests I've seen. It's a perfect example of a good simple game save for a few minor glitches. The art, the music, the gameplay, all of them are, in my opinion, correct.

At first this was incredible and the fact that the blood/guts stayed spawned, i thought it was just something better than them just fading out of existence. But the only bad thing is when you first spawn you have to swing to start moving and if you try to jump on another island it kills you instantly. And the music was just fantastic!

Don't have much to say, its cool and even though it gets impossible after awhile still fun. 4*