Reviews for "INVAZIA"

I do not Get what's Entertaining? o.O

Not great. It's just okay.

I know it must have taken a while to build this game and i respect that, i really do but... There are several things that i think diminished the overall value/fun of the game. the graphics are not too bad but the screen view is way too high, the (as its already been said.) attack speeds, need to be upped a little, and lastly the controls are a little too weird. Hope this helps in some way.

GuyUngerNL responds:

its made in 2 weeks for a jam, so didnt take that long ;)
and i defenitly agree with you that it needs tweaking, but im not going to change it anymore. that would ruin the idea of the jam.

Good, a few flaws, but come on, it took 5 people to make this game xD and "inspiration?"

GuyUngerNL responds:

It was for the 2 week game jam. We had to make a game from a fake screenshot. sourjovis made that screenshot. so thats why hes credited for inspiration.
and like 80% of the game is done by me ;)

Very addictive!