Reviews for "INVAZIA"

This game had good fun factor to it, and the art did well to capture the essence of the inspiration screenshot i think. I found making money in the game a bit too time consuming for the price of the objects you can buy. I think the difficulty curve felt right, it just seemed like the reward for it could have been more satisfying. I did like the guns and shotguns, even the boomerang had a good personality to the strategy involved in using it.

Well done!

GuyUngerNL responds:

thank you man! and i totally agree with your opinion on the buildings

Has the NES games dificulty settings.
Like it is allways on "DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIE!" dificulty.
But it's a nice and quick game, though i would like it to have some more features.

Fun game, initial design does however seem very close to "Super Crate Box" and I believe I ran into a instant death bug within the game.

I think this game is funny, but it gets boring by the time. Even the new enemies don't make it more interesting.

Fun game I liked it a lot maybe make a few more turret types an maybe a way to buy a few guns because the monster get hard fast an I wasn't getting any drops. over all loved it.