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Reviews for "INVAZIA"

fun game, challenging, but not too difficult love the random drops and the ability to place turretts. The background looks pretty cool too

On my first try I got the silver medal and had turrets all over the place. So I guess I can't complain about the overall difficulty. However, the flaming skulls were pretty damn annoying. In the end there were tons of them and they destroyed all my towers, because you don't become stronger, level up, get more crates or anything similar. There's just more and more enemies, which are able to destroy your towers, while you constantly run out of ammo. So you can't keep those flaming skulls from raping the stuff you just built a few seconds ago and at the same time there are endless amounts of enemies spawning all over the place. To put it short: The endgame's pretty terrible. This needs some level ups, more gear, less flaming skulls or whatever. Also some background story would be nice. You're just thrown into the game and don't know shit about it. The soundtracks quite good, though.

Fucking great to me. I like the dificult, simples grafics and the simplicity pf the game.
Great for killing time.

didnt liked the game, cause its too horribly dificult. But it has so much potential and i think you should work on it for a better game.

+In game music

-Slow melee
-Difficulty setting too high
-Aiming difficulties
-Menu music