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Reviews for "INVAZIA"

It would be good if i dont have to brake mouse while playing.
Its cool how i can jump of the map :D

I really love this game, it gets really intense after surviving a couple minutes.

My only complaint is, you need to make the enemies' remains disappear after a while, because it gets to a point where you can't see the "purple skulls" at all.

I manage to get to 71250 by placing as many normal turrets as I could around the center with a few missile launchers, but at 71250 the screen stopped following me, and monsters stopped spawning. Oddly enough treasure chests kept spawning

very addicting game i enjoyed it very much! keep up the good work!

did the whole design had anything to do with "el manana" by the gorillaz?i really love that band and specifically that video was kinda out of this world!hope to get an answer!

love to everyone

GuyUngerNL responds:

Well, the challenge of this jam was to make a Game from a "fake screenshot" that others could make just before the jam( link in the discription ). So thats where the style comes from. I first had the idea to call the game "the morning", the translation of el manana. As some kind of tribute to the song. But that name didnt really match the game.