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Reviews for "Endless War 7"

Its The Fucking..... NAZIS!!!!!

You Nazi Skum why would you want us to PLay as them!! Im killed Whoever Asked fora Nazie campaign!!!

What happenned with the old Endless War? I loved EW 1 2 3 4 , But this tank stuff is quite disapponting

Nice addition to the Endless War Series, no real problems aside from units sometimes spawning off screen which can be slightly annoying when it's an enemy and you can't really hit them, my tank did somehow get stuck inside a friendly Nebelwerfer which forced me to kill him to get free (it did only happen once though so nothing big), and it would be nice to either be able to direct your allies to move or have them keep moving up on their own as usually any left alive after the initial fight end up sitting around not doing anything.

Nothing big or game breaking but somethings that could maybe be worth taking a look at.
Still, 5 stars


weird change in gameplay, but for the better