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Reviews for "Vrunk Dultures"

No way I'm going to edit my system to play this. Next time don't use all your time with design and make a decent code.

I'm really kind of embarrassed at Newgrounders right now. Instead of doing the simple fixes offered in the FAQ, you guys feel the need to offer up scathing reviews because you're too lazy to fix the problem. This game is great (although it did take some effort to get working). Once I got things working, it was great, but I feel like the timing for countering the gun is a little unintuitive (it's when you hear the shot go off, not when you see your opponent grab the gun) and obviously the keyboard layout is a little strange, though you do get used to that. Great job, guys!

3D-xelu responds:

Hey there, yeah that bug is annoying and we hope to fix it in the following days. As for the gun counter timing , yeah we got that complain from beta testers as well and we're going to improve it in the next patch along with some other blannace fixes. Thanks again for the suggestion and see you in a match!

Instead of patching up your game, you ask every one of your players to edit their system files in order to play YOUR game. Way to make an unsuccessful game.
Though I like the music, and the theme, this attitude is atrocious.

3D-xelu responds:

we're working on a patch as we speak but the bug has no clear cause so it's really hard to detect and fix. That youtube fix was found by one of our beta testers and it's a quick solution for a problem that we are trying to fix. we would do that fix through the game itself but flash does not allow us to edit system files so the user has to do it manually. Sorry again for any inconveniece cause, we're hoping to solve this in the next few days.

So many people experience this bug. I am not going to fix it myself. Other multiplayer games are capable enough to work.

Nice little distraction. I enjoy a good troll game once in a while.