Reviews for "The Honey Plot"

that was sweet animation!!!!!!!!.. get it, honey... sweet?? :D :D

I like your style and the jokes were not too forced and I had good laugh :)
Music background was fitting.
What can I say? Good job!
I cannot give you 5 stars because the overall feeling from this cartoon is that something is missing maybe it has something to do with ending but it is only my personal feeling so it has nothing to do with overall rating. Looking forward to see other stuff from you ;)

Is that dovahbear?

Some issue of unconsistancy quality of lines here n there; but its a not rlly serious problem. i think the story is rlly interesting; the story direction is very clear; i LOVE the honey farmers design very much. the bear was animated really well too; almost perfect!

overall it's an EXCELLENT piece of work, i would suggest to invest more time (or even money if u want to go to a serious degree) on sounds cuz some of the shots sounded too empty. goodjob!!!