Reviews for "The Honey Plot"

Hahaha truely brilliant I love it. The bear is nervous out of his mind after performing his honey heist and has to weight patiently as NO ONE FIGURES OUT HE IS A BEAR. The humor used in this is amazing and the music is put very well with the (mood?). The weird noises are funny and they are probably what bee keepers running after a bear would sound like. Awesome job. Very well done dudes

Seeing as how this is the 10th time I've watched this, I think it's about time I left a review. This video is awesome and very well animated. Something about how everything was done from the sound to the simple plot was very enticing. I love it! :D

Did you animate this in flash or..? I'd really like to know how you made it look like this. This is the style of animation i'd love to do.

I'm glad he made it. Weird how breaking the glass didn't stir up any attention though.