Reviews for "Vortex Point 2"

the games have definitely improved in quality since this and are lot less cheesy. I'm liking the series so far though, they're a fun, relaxed way to pass time.

I love this sequel, but this part was harder for me than other of the series, and I love that. Just one thing: the spanish translation is not very accurate sometimes, and that can be confusing, speacially in a game like this, where you read to figure out what to do next. But hey! Spanish translation! That's not common, and it's very useful in PN'C games. Thank you guys!

Awesome sequel, spooky atmosphere, GENUINELY CREEPY ending! I love it!

"Wait a minute, what the hell is a Thoughtographic Wizard?"

OHMYGOD!!! Hailee's scream. LOL. ( voices were a bit weird. )

And that ending... OMFG WTF.

Omfg that ending....What have i done.