Reviews for "Tower Breaker"

Gotta love destroying things

Good castle destroyer game. Very funny graphics and music. Unique 1st person shooter. I'm a great fan of castle destroyer games, so i will recommend it to other players. This game is a complete win. Keep a good work. :)

Nice game! The game should be on the front page of newgrounds. The music fits the theme perfectly. It's no angry birds clone, (well, in angry birds you attack from the side, this one is head on. Not a clone?)

Sweet game! Should be up soon!

You put your own unique spin on these types of games, But kept the elements that made them fun. Very nice.

Love this game...but there are bugs though:-

+ After playing a stage, there are times even if I win the stage, it shows the failed sign and I gonna replay the stage again...

Hope that this can be rectified...otherwise it's a brilliant effort...well done mate :-D