Reviews for "Social Planets"

Hello there Author. i finished the game/experiment of yours 3 days ago and it was great. And i see you just newly posted it here in newgrounds. I hope others also finished the game. and also I see other planets(that players made) that talks very disturbing. anyway good job.

I really like the concept. It could turn into a pretty neat, user-created universe. You just need to be able to do more stuff on the planets because it gets old quickly. I totally created Vulcan, Romulus and Ferenginal. :) Keep working on this

This game has got promise like flashsolaar said it could turn into a big online game with a bit more work. in my opinion i think you should be able to interact with users when they visit your planet.

Really great and original concept. This game made me decide to register on NG.
BTW, with growing success, it will probabily need high and hard moderation of the content provided by the users.