Reviews for "A Thug in Time Intro"

The art is interesting, the voice acting is good, the concept is cool. These are all sincere statements, and you should build upon these strengths.

But I'm sorry, the ENTIRE thing was nothing but RIDICULOUSLY condensed exposition. There wasn't any real feeling or buildup to any of it - Click start, then voices saying "Thishappenedthenthishappenedthenthis happenedthenthishappenedthenthishappe ned
thenthishappenedthenthishappenedthent hishappenedthenthishappenedthenthisha ppened..."

I'll say it again, you've got the makings of something good here, but you need put some pacing in there. By the time I was able to understand that he used to be a real badass, the Mayan (Aztec? Incan?) was already forty seconds into the explanation of why he was suddenly a time-wizard. Give us some time to get into things, otherwise there's no way for us to build up an emotional investment in the story or its characters.

And I suspect it was also done to accommodate as much information as possible, but just in case it's unrelated, you should slow down the rate at which your characters talk, too. Again though, if you were just doing that to get info out there, then pacing is all you need.

Anyway, I *do* hope to see more from you and this series - give us something to cheer about!

Interesting... I see a "choose your fate" kind of game that could be made...

Amazing and very wordy intro to this intriguing story!
But, I think that just about covered any questions one would have about what this is about :D
Seriously though, awesome everything here. Animation, voice acting, character development etc.
Can't wait to see the next episode!

Art , animation and story is great, but the voice is a bit bubling...