Reviews for "A Thug in Time Intro"

Dude this looks fucking AMAZING!

It's just f@cking great!!!! I enjoyed it a lot
P.S. Is it just me or does the guy from the beginning really sound like Steven Blum?

Excellent animation and other thing but when maya guy start to speak image of Will Farell saying:"Man,that's escalated quickly!" came in my mind XD

I loved it, really top notch stuff you have here, I hope to see it become a series. However, I feel that in all the good you have here, there has to be a bit bad, and its not even really bad, just needs some work. The narration seemed unreasonably rushed, the voice is great, but it seemed to lack that sort of emotion that grips people. Instead of rushing through it like an infomercial, or the into to TMNT Back to the Future, try giving Mr. Matragrano time to pause in between sentences, to give him that sort of sound similar to when Steven Blum voices Jack Cayman from Madworld and Anarchy Reigns. Do that and i think future animations will truly be worth all five stars. Keep up the good work!

This was AWESOME!!! The compositing was amazing! I agree with the others, it was a lot of info to process in a short amount of time but I guess its a game intro so you had to fit all that information in somehow. I really wan't to learn to produce stuff like this!