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Reviews for "Vampira"

cool track!

ive seen people make tracks using stuff like fruity loops, so i know how long it must've taken you, and its time well spent!

Always-Dark responds:

Yea i took me some time, but as long as people enjoy it, its all worth it lol. thnx


sweet I really liked this

Well I don't have any words of wisdom for you on this, though I did mistakenly check "3zm Attack" by mistake prior to listening to this.

I nearly gave a review of it too, then noticed how long ago you did it

but i tell you one thing, you've come along way with refining your style

Kudos to you man

this is sweet,

also I hope you can finish the advice you started to give me too in your review of my track Apocalypse on the Horizon 2

Peace Out!


Always-Dark responds:

Oh man yea i know, '3zm Attack' is wow...when i only had the demo version of FL Studio, lol yes even i used to suck [lol i sound so cocky!]. Naw its just learning what works and what doesn't, what needs a higher reverb here, a boost on the treble/bass/highend there, or just some compression. But mainly, i ask myself: Does this track sound professional?, if so, and it wasn't mine..would i listen to it a thousand times? If you can answer yes to both questions, then you got a hit.

Thanks alot for reviwing my track. I'll try to elaborate myself more on the PM. If i can.


Very nice.

I appreciate your review..I had little to work with..I made the song in 3-4 hours with the trial version of fruity loops..so I can't use the special piano roll..kinda sucks..but maybe once I buy the full thing I'll redo it many times as good. I like this quite a bit, a very nice mix of sounds. and I do agree about the distortion..that's one thing i'll fix once I get the full thing. Anyway, keep up the good work! Thanks again. -Andy

Always-Dark responds:

Hey man, i was there once [with the trial version and everything, so frustrating!!], so i know what your going through. But i want to say this: I dont want image-line to loose a custumer but if your really serious about buying a software for your music, and you still opt for FL Studio, i recomend getting the XXL version. Brings everything you need to make the right music. BUT...from what i sadly [and too late] found out a week ago, you can get Pro Tools 7 for less the price of FL Studio XXL.
So if i had to chose again i would get Pro Tools man, i mean, every good producer i know, that i see on tv and read in magazines, have this software. everyone. just telling you man.


Nice Beat

I really enjoyed the overall feel of the piece, it has a great hip-hopesque sound with an almost ambient twist to it. Every part blended together very nicely, nothing sounded out of place at all.

I would have tried to introduce a new melody to help keep the piece fresh. Towards the end it began to feel monotonous. Adding in strings to give body, or another synth to help add to the complexity would be very beneficial to the piece. Besides that, I don't really see anything I don't like about the piece!

I'll be watching for more stuff from you, keep up the great work!

Thanks for your vote, DavidOrr! You voted 5 for Vampira, keeping its score at 5.00.

Hope it will stay high up on the charts as long as possible so you can get even more feedback!

If you have the time, I'd love your opinion on my track "Meltdown"!

Always-Dark responds:

Thank you so much for the review you gave me. Usually i get the "wow nice song, make more" review, which is good, but id like to hear what i did right, what i did wrong. Yea i thought i should've added strings at the last break but i really wanted to finish it today so i could hand it over to a friend of mine who's going to rap over it.

Thanks for the vote, and dont worry ill check your track out, i have to now lol

-Allen aka LeN