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Reviews for "Vampira"

yes sir i like ur music

this is good work man .. maybe we could wisin y yandel it and collab ima add your to aim but if anything myne is Tsblaze420

Always-Dark responds:

my aim is DeckzOnLockDown. add me. heres my myspace: www.myspace.com/llennnn

balance restored

zero will never harass u anymore

Always-Dark responds:

thnx u


Hey thought I should check some of your other songs out even though you said you said you wanted the oppinion on the technology song.

Just wanted to say that you can disregard what I said in that review about it sounding oddly filtered, this don't suffer of the same issue, so you obviously know how to do it.

About this song. well I usually hate hip hop, but what I can say is that this sounds better than many commersial hip hop songs. so maybe you can sell beats to rappers, I actaully think you could:)

Keep it up.


Always-Dark responds:

Well this song isn't really hip hop, its reggaeton, with some hip hop flavor to it. I do think i can sell beats to rappers, but right now i just wanna give back to all the people. Thnx for listening and reviewing my song.


Nuff said!

This wasn't done by you...it was done by Alien-A! This is great a track! One thing that could of been fixed was the bells reverb. You could of toned the reverb down just a bit, but this song other then that its just purely magnificent! 5 out of 5!

Keep it Viewtiful!


Always-Dark responds:

Im not sure at which bells your refering to because i didnt use any bells lol but since i like adding reverb to everything im going to relate that to the entire track. Yea even i sometimes can hear my songs with too much reverb, im a reverbholic lol. I have to learn to tone it down a bit with that. And btw, funny you called me Alien-A, because my full alias is Allen aka LeN, but i never really use LeN because if you say it L-e-N, it sounds like your saying alien, and i didnt want that to happen. But you know what its ok, you can keep calling me that. Thanks for listening!


Love it!

Sup. I'm the guy who made the song RADION that you kindly reviewed and gave me advice on!

I loved the tune! Those drums really made me bob my head the the beat. 5/5

Oh, and I improved a bit on my song. Check it out!


Please rate and comment! ^_^

Always-Dark responds:

Thank you for listening, i enjoy it when i can make someone bob their heads to my music. Btw, check your song , i reviewed the new one, and was liking it better. Your getting there, like the rest of us lol