Reviews for "Killgore EP1"

Clones! Its full of clones!! Aaaaaaagh!!

meridianisdead responds:

Yep its a clone army. Happy Cow Farms not only clones their livestock, they clone their EMPLOYEES! MUAHAHAHA!

You know... Blunt gore/violence never really blew up my skirt (don't get it twisted though- I do enjoy action) and usually is a pretty big turn off for me. This is a definite exception.

The quality in your animation, gestures and voice acting definitely makes this piece stand out above the crowd. The storytelling/boarding is also interesting. It has a compelling momentum that is never really lost at any point- even with the cheesy horn joke dead-smack in the middle of a fight. If anything that was a nice touch.

Keep at it,

meridianisdead responds:

Thanks broheim!

Yes. yesyesyes this is awesome.

nice but try to make those 4 mins

meridianisdead responds:

Actually id like to make the next episode 5 mins but this will be difficult to do on my own!

I love this video cant wait to see the next killgore thumbs up big time