Reviews for "Killgore EP1"

Slick animation: check. Gratuitous amounts of violence: double check. Excellent voice acting: check. Cheesy 80s/90s action movie dialog: Hell-to-the-fuckin'-yeah!

Nuff said.

Its like Shank, but with a bull.

Meathead: You're horns are strong...
Killgore: That's what she said XD

love the blood and gore

Haven't written a review in ages, had to make an exception.
This was brilliant. Loved every second. Classic, ridiculous cartoon comedy.
Glad to see something like this on here for a change. Should be frontpaged.

Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more of this bovine's fine work.

meridianisdead responds:

Thanks man! Killgore did get featured for a while and got weekly 3rd Place! Not bad considering I was going up against SexualLobster lol!