Reviews for "Killgore EP1"

If you fail to make more episodes, I will personally hunt you down and make you draw at some sort of weapon point, got it?! Don't be like so many others and sputter to a stop after the first 2 episodes.

More Killgore!

That was awesome, your horns are strong, that's what she said, why would she say that? HAHA

Keep up good work, Love to see a series of this!

Ok im really REALLY looking forward to this series.

Wow, look at all the PETA comments. <_< *ahem* Well, anyway. This was quite entertaining! I like how he sawed that guys carcass in half. I also appreciated your depiction of the workers mindless stabbing and killing like drones. Also, good music.

Pretty good though but there should be guards with firearms to defend the shop .

meridianisdead responds:

Yeah you're right. I had some guys with guns in the game but I left it out of this cartoon to save myself some work lol. I want to put some gunslingers in the sequel.