Reviews for "Killgore EP1"

this was awesomeX2

Loved the "Grindhouse" feel of this one! Keep'em coming!

put your hands in the air like your just don,t care you can play kill gore the videogame just wirte killgore :) and enjoy the game

Wow, look at all the PETA comments. <_< *ahem* Well, anyway. This was quite entertaining! I like how he sawed that guys carcass in half. I also appreciated your depiction of the workers mindless stabbing and killing like drones. Also, good music.

Okay few questions: How long did take for you to get to this level of drawing and animation? (How many years of passionate drawing) And since the linework is almost completely perfect I would like to ask, did you draw the lines in toonboom by hand or did you use preset shapes to get the smooth line you have? P.S. Can't wait for the next episode :D

meridianisdead responds:

-I've been a professional animator for about 6 years now
-I did the line-work/cleanup using toonboom's awesome brush tool and cutter tool. Blows flash's shitty brush tool out of the water. Oh and of course I used a Cintiq drawing tablet.